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TERRA is the Positional notebook collection that highlights six places to be protected. It is a collective project where six important graphic design studios have been called upon to interpret and tell their story with an illustration based upon their own beloved or inspiring place, near or far, that they love and want to protect. This is an active and personal way of going green, through an illustrated postcard in the form of a notepad, characterized by paper with a textured finish and a chromatic table as vivid and compelling as the colors of the earth.

Cover design by PARCO STUDIO
Emanuele Bonetti and Loredana Bontempi have been collaborating since 2010, when they founded Parco Studio. Their favorite activities are: experimenting with digital and non-digital tools in order to look for their hidden artistic value, pushing digital to be the most beautiful visual media, creating visual strategies and identity systems for contents that are beautiful to know. In 2017 they founded Parco Gallery, the first gallery in Milan specialised in graphic design, where they organise events and exhibitions with local and international guests.

paper:70 gr

shipping:available in 2-3 days
    EAN: 9788849875355